Chewie and VaderWelcome to our World

Welcome to our World

Taking it easy

It has been a while since we have added to our blog but we have also been having a quiet life.

Chewie waiting for Vader to come home
Chewie managed to hurt her leg when playing with the ball so it was a trip to the vet and some short walks for her. A few days later there wasn't much progress so 'short' was clarified. A short walk for us is about 30 mins but even that was too long so it was down to 10 mins maximum for a few days. Improvement has been made so she is now up to 30 to 40 mins with no ill effects which is great. Vader has been great although a little subdued when out on his own so it was great to have them both in the park today.

We have really missed our walks in the forest but hope to go again soon. Being at home more has allowed Mummy and Daddy to sort out the garden.