Chewie and VaderWelcome to our World

Welcome to our World

Our anniversary

Chewie and Vader
It was 8 years today that Mummy and Daddy arrived to collect us and bring us to our new home. It was a long and tiring journey for us as you can see from this photo we fell asleep pretty quickly after arriving. We were just over 9 weeks old at the time but we soon however settled into our new life of playing, eating and sleeping. One highlight of our first few weeks in our new home was the peanut party we had when we were left completely alone for an hour or so and then pulling up the new linoleum less than 48 hours after it had been put. The man did say that we wouldn't be able to do that but we did. The porcelain tiles, however, were a different matter.

Chewie and Vader enjoying the beach
The last 8 years have gone very quickly and we have had a great fun over that time. Lots of walking, playing, eating and sleeping - we really do have a great life :)